Privacy Statement

Yuanta Financial Holdings (hereafter, "the company") respects and strictly safeguards the right to privacy, and seeks to ensure that its corporate website and the services provided therein may be used with complete confidence. The company has therefore established this page to explain the privacy protection policies of this website, and to reiterate the responsibility and respect with which the company handles all personal information that is entrusted to us.
  • Collection of Customers’ Personal Data

    The Company and its subsidiaries possess your personal data from the time you become a customer of any of its subsidiaries, or if you provided your personal data while participating a sales promotional activity, or if the Company and its subsidiaries obtained such data from any other legal or public channel.

  • Storage and Protection of Personal Information

    In order to protect the privacy and integrity of your personal information, the company strictly adheres to relevant government regulations and information management principles. Your personal information will be stored by the company or by a commissioned party in accordance with the highest levels of security and stability; access to this information will be strictly limited to individuals with the necessary authorization. Furthermore, the company makes use of the appropriate technologies and organizational safety measures to ensure that your personal information is not lost or illegally handled. The company will not provide your personal information to any person other than those specified by the company or within this statement, with the exception of judicial officials or regulatory authorities applying for such access through the relevant legal channels.

  • Searching, Accessing, and Deleting Personal Information

    Unless otherwise specified by legal regulations, you may use the methods and procedures delineated by the company to exercise the following rights:

    1. Request to search, access, or receive a copy of your personal information from the company (the company reserves the right to charge to meet the costs of such procedures).
    2. Request that the company supplement or correct your personal information with a valid explanation.
    3. Request that the company cease collecting, handling, or using your personal information, or request that it be deleted (in such cases, the company would heed the request except when deemed necessary by the company's operations).

  • Self-Protection Measures

    Please reserve all relevant documents, passwords, and personal information for safekeeping, and ensure that such information is not provided to a third party. After using any of the services provided on the company's website, please remember to log out of your account; if you are using a shared or public computer, be sure to close the browser tab to guarantee the privacy of your personal information.

  • Amendments to This Statement

    In keeping with societal changes, business needs, technological advancements, and changes in legal regulations, the company will occasionally make amendments to, or announcements regarding, this statement. Please visit the Privacy Statement page on the company website to preserve your rights and interests.

  • Privacy and Information Security Declaration

    In order to protect users' personal information and maintain internet privacy rights, we encourage users with questions or concerns regarding this Statement or their personal information to contact us via email ( to receive a more detailed explanation from the company.

  • Copyright Notice

    The company maintains legal rights to all content appearing on its corporate website, and may not be reproduced or reprinted in any form or by any means, either electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior authorization or consent of the company.