Products and Services

Futures Brokerage
With Taiwan’s strongest sales team and a deep store of professional knowledge, Yuanta Futures offers a diverse and convenient electronic operating platform - the cutting-edge Yuanta Futures Wizard app – giving users a brand-new program trading experience. Yuanta Futures has worked to build a new era of wealth and stability for its investors, removing the aura of mystery and risk that has previously surrounded the futures market.
Futures Introducing Broker (IB)
Yuanta Futures IB business has 21 clients, including Yuanta Securities, Taiwan Cooperative Securities, Kuanz Ho Securities, Taichung Bank Securities, Fenglong Securities, and others, as well as five clearing houses including Yuanta Securities, Optiver Taiwan, and Oriental Securities Corporation; additionally, with a convenient network of electronic channels (mobile phone app and internet platform), Yuanta Futures provides service without boundaries.
FINI Department
Yuanta Futures’ team provides superior services to foreign institutional investors, including domestic agent services, manual order placement, a range of fast and secure electronic order placement platforms, and customized after-hours reports to meet the specialized needs of all of our FINI clients.
Leverage Transaction Merchant
Yuanta Futures was the first to introduce foreign currency margin trading, and now offers services in more than thirty foreign currencies, as well as program trading strategies, and based on our advantages as a leading brand in options and long-term development of foreign exchange futures, we provide our clients and institutional investors with a diverse range of profit and hedging channels. Into the future, as the regulatory authorities continue opening the market, Yuanta will look to successively introduce the purchasing of Taiwan stock options, forward contracts, option contracts, exchange contracts, contracts for difference, and other related products, or combination contracts such as links to fixed income products.
Hong Kong
Yuanta Futures (Hong Kong) officially opened in November, 2011, and in March, 2014, became the first futures company to gain approval from Taiwan’s Financial Supervisory Commission to use Taiwanese capital for its business in the Hong Kong and Mainland China futures markets. Yuanta Futures (Hong Kong) has built on years of professional knowledge and a deep understanding of financial innovation, allowing it to achieve strict operational compliance, with a high-end trading platform and a stable financial background integrating its operations across the Asia Pacific Region, while putting our full efforts into providing top quality financial services to institutional clients in Hong Kong and around the world.